The Digital Time Machine

Disclaimer: Proceed with caution as this time machine will only get you back in time.

Have you ever felt the need to see how a website looked and worked at a certain point in the past?
WayBackMachine which came into existence in October of 2001 was built to save the state of web pages at different points in time. It will give you access to the look and feel of websites at different moments in history.

Travel guide

  1. First you need to get to the time machine using the following link
  2. Then obviously you need a destination. Enter the URL of the site you want to visit and click on browse history.
  3. Although this machine is very capable, it has its limitations. You do not get to give the time period yourself. You have to select the time you want to get to from a predefined list of dates. Select one and immerse in the history.

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