ComparisonOf: Best Android Networking Library

In today's day and age, there is internet everywhere. When an Android application is developed, most probably it will require networking capabilities. Let's discuss what the options are for easy and efficient networking:


Retrofit is one of the best networking libraries available today. It is a type-safe REST client for Java and Android built specifically for consuming APIs. The response can be converted into different types, namely - Gson, Jackson, Moshi, Protobuf, Wire, Simple XML. The requests can also be canceled.


Volly is a networking library developed by Google. It makes handling network resources easy and fast. It has features like automatic scheduling of network requests, request prioritization, etc. Request cancellation is available in Volley as well. Volley can also be used to fetch images. Data can be cached in disks as well as in memory.


OkHttp is an HTTP and HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications. OkHttp is the library on top of which Retrofit is built. OkHttp makes it easy and convenient to make network calls. Network operations are faster on OkHttp when compared to Volley.


Retrofit is the best one if you are consuming APIs because it gets the data from the designated resource and automatically converts it to the desired format. Volley and OkHttp are worthy alternatives as well but they require a little more effort to achieve the same result. If you know something that you feel should be included in here, let me know in the comments section down below.

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