ListOf: Best Modern Text Editors for Linux

For a developer, a good text editor is instrumental to their productivity. In the Linux community, you will find two types of people. One category embraces the text editors like Vim and Emacs which are highly productive and powerful without a doubt but have a steep learning curve. The second category is the one which works with the modern text editors that do not rely heavily on special commands from the keyboard and are pretty easy to get started with. These editors also come with a plethora of plugins that can be used to enhance the functionality of the vanilla text editor. The visuals of these editors can also be changed by changing the themes. Now with that out of the way, let's get to the list.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an offering from Microsoft. It was one of the intiatives taken from Microsoft in the world of Open Source Software. Visual Studio Code is a competent piece of software capable of making developer's life easier and providing a boost to their productivity.Although it is good for various programming tasks, it has an exceptional support for TypeScript. To install Visual Studio Code on Linux Ubuntu follow this link.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is light weight and blazing fast. Sublime Text comes with an unlimited trial. A license can be purchased for $80, in trial version of the software you get a popup every now and then to buy the product. If you are an active user of Sublime Text consider getting a lisence. Sublime Text is written in C++ and can be extended with the help of python scripting. You can find my installation guide for Sublime Text here. Sublime Text has basic autocompletion by default. It also comes with emmet preinstalled. Additional packages can be installed with the help of Package Control. To use Package Control you need to first install it, follow the guide here.


Atom is an Open Source text editor from GitHub. It is easy to use and just like Sublime Text it can also be themed. Atom is built using Electron which is built on top of NodeJS. Recently Atom has been progressing towards becoming more of a full-fledged IDE. To experience it for yourself give it a try. An installation guide for Atom can be found here. Refer to this link to add new functionality to Atom using additional packages.


All three Text Editors mentioned above are robust and performant. I would suggest you try them all and find the one that you are comfortable with.
Don't forget to let me know about your choice in the comments section down below.

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