HTTPS? Yes: No

An absolute yes!!

What is HTTPS?

The Internet is easily accessible to anyone and it can be a dangerous place. In general terms, HTTPS keeps us safe from several threats of the digital world. HTTPS. It means that the site is secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or the more recent TLS (Transport Layer Security). In the plain old HTTP connection, when an entity intercepts your network traffic they can see the data being transmitted in plain text, which includes the login details as well as authentication token and session data. To make the matter worse, intercepting network traffic is a painfully easy job due to availability of tools like Wireshark and Burp Suite. But all is not lost because when the data of a HTTPS website is intercepted they will get encrypted packets which will not produce any tangible information. Although your ISP might be able to determine what website you went to, and how much data is transmitted back and forth, and that's about it. If that is not enough to convince you to start using HTTPS, a full list of advantages is given below.

  • Better Search Ranking: Google made HTTPS a factor in search results and thus it helps in improving your site’s ranking in search engine results.
  • Brand Trust: HTTPS builds trust with visitors as they know that their personal information is safe and their privacy is preserved.
  • Give A Feel Of Security: Google Chrome shows a green label saying Secure in a HTTPS enabled website while it will label a website which takes user data but is not HTTPS enabed as Not Secure with a red label.
  • Provide Actually Security: As I already made my point, HTTPS makes it much harder for any foreign element to modify your internet traffic or get any substantial information out of it.
  • And Finally, Why Not: Let's Encrypt is a free and open certificate authority. You can get a certificate right now completely free of cost. And it gets better, they also provide tools that automate the process of installing the certificate on your server.

This website is secured using HTTPS and if you try to access an HTTP version you will be automatically redirected to the secure version. Furthermore if you are using Google Chrome you can see the green label indicating that this website is Secure. For further queries and suggestions join me in the comments section below.

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