ListOf: Best 3 Markdown Editors For Linux Ubuntu [Free]

Markdown makes it very easy to create rich content. Markdown can been used to write books, blogs, readme files, etc. Markdown can be converted to HTML, Word Document, PDF, and may more. Three best Markdown editors for Linux are given below:


Typora is a minimal Markdown editor for Linux, Windows and OS X. Typora has auto complete pair of brackets and quotes like a code editor.
It also has support of multiple themes. Documents written in Typora can be converted to PDF, HTML, Word, Open Office, RTF, Epub and various other formats. An installtion guide for Typora can be found here.


GitBook is one of the best Markdown editors I have ever used. It is available for Linux, Windows and OS X. It has features like auto-complete and drag and drop. GitBook has built-in support for Version Control. An installation guide for GitBook can be found here.


Remarkable is available for Linux, Windows. Remarkable is a fully featured Markdown editor. Markdown also has support for MathJax which can be used to add well formated mathematical equations in you document. Remarkable also comes with night mode which when used will use dark colors to avoid unnecessary strain on user's eyes. An installation guide for GitBook can be found here.

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